Friday, August 01, 2008

Congressional Republicans are working for Big Oil least they aren't hiding it anymore. That's a good thing, right?

After the House adjourned for its summer work period (reconvening on September 8 after both Presidential conventions), a number of House Republicans took to the House floor to protest the fact that the Democrats hadn't passed any measures allowing oil drilling offshore or in ANWR, moves that aren't guaranteed to reduce energy prices for Americans, but would be certain to enhance the already record-level profits of Big Oil. has coverage here, and in a moment of moral weakness (referred to as "honesty" by normal folks), they posted a banner above the story of the Republicans' faux indignation. That banner told the real story of the day's events.

It read simply - "Presented by ExxonMobil". See pic below.

The honesty epidemic spread all the way down to individual Congresscritters, such as AZ's own John Shadegg (R - Calgon take me away). Shadegg was quoted in the article -

"I love this," Shadegg told reporters up in the press gallery afterward. "Congress can be so boring. ... This is a kick."
In essence, Shadegg finally admitted openly that sitting in a darkened room with only other extremist Republicans to talk to is more interesting to him than doing the job he was hired for - representing the residents of Arizona's Third Congressional District in Congress.
If Shadegg decides to get serious about retaining his seat (more likely, if one of his "financial supporters" tugs on the leash to get his attention), he's going to spend the next five weeks trying to take back the gifts that he's been handing to the Bob Lord campaign.

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