Friday, July 18, 2008

So, will it get 80% support, or 90%?

Thanks to my sister Patti for the heads-up on this...

Last month, the folks over at Seeing Red AZ were almost apoplectic over the idea that a proposition to rename a San Francisco sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush *could* be on the ballot there this fall.

They'll probably have a stroke when they find out that the measure qualified for the ballot on Wednesday. (SF Elections Department)

Naturally, GOPers in SF have vowed to fight the measure with any means they have available to them; however, something tells me those "means" won't include trying to win at the polls.

According to the SF Elections Department (via a phone call), there are 430,061 registered voters in SF.

43,183 of them are Republicans.

For those of you who are math-challenged, that's 10.04%.

(For the record, there are 241,013 registered Dems in SF (56.04%).)

The website of the organizers behind the measure is here.

SF Chronicle coverage here.

CNN coverage here.

MSNBC coverage here.

I looked for a press release on this from the SF GOP, but couldn't find one.


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