Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scottsdale campaign finance reports are in...

Ari Cohn of the Trib beat me to this subject with this story in today's paper (darn you Ari!!! LOL)...Guess I'll have to go for a little depth instead of simple numbers...

Campaign financial reports are in for the period of January 1 through May 31.

Council candidates -

Lisa Borowsky, raised $3100, cash on hand $200. Most of her contributions came in $390 increments (the max amount in local elections) and many came from her family. Interesting name: Travis Junion, a vice chair of the LD8 Republicans handled printing her nominating petitions ($25 in-kind contribution.)

Joel Bramoweth - No money raised during the period, but he had raised a lot of money previous to the period and has almost $8700 cash on hand.

Oren Davis - A late entrant into the race, he raised more than $4200 and spent more than $4100. Reports cash on hand of $94.16. All funds from himself; most of expenditures were for paid petition circulators.

Betty Drake - Raised $8600, spent a little less than $600, cash on hand $9800. Interesting names: Former Councilman Kevin Osterman made a $50 contribution, the UFCW contributed $2000.

Tom Giller - Raised $2300, spent $680, almost $1700 cash on hand. Interesting names: Bob and Kathy Littlefield, City Councilman and treasurer of the LD8 Republicans respectively, each contributed $300, Jim Derouin, former candidate for mayor, gave $390.

Suzanne Klapp - Raised $6500, spent just under $1900, and has cash on hand of more than $11000. Note: She loaned her own campaign $5000. Interesting names: State Rep. Michele Reagan gave her $300; Virginia Korte, Scottsdale business leader, gave $100; Joyce Schweikert, wife of Republican congressional candidate David Schweikert, gave $50; and SRP's PAC gave $400. She used paid petition circulators, The Campaign Finance Company LLC, which is operated by the infamous Derrick Lee.

OK kiddies, can you say "Establishment Candidate"?

Ron McCullagh - Raised $1240, spent $586, cash on hand of $17000. Nothing too interesting as far as names contributing money.

Richard Mueller - Nada. Filed a report with no activity; should have formed his committee as a $500 Exemption one.

Nan Nesvig - Raised just over $1500, spent just over $3100, cash on hand of $120. Loaned her own campaign $350. She used paid petition circulators Petition Pros of Gilbert.

Mayoral Candidates -

John Washington, write-in candidate, set up his campaign as a $500 Exemption candidate - no report filed.

Jim Lane - Raised $25000, spent a little more than $10000, cash on hand of $22000. Interesting names: Clint Bolick, director of the very conservative Goldwater Institute (sort of the business community's version of the Center forArizona Policy), gave $100; Jim Derouin, former candidate for Mayor, gave $250; returned a $390 contribution from the infamous (around Scottsdale, anyway :) ) Henry Becker. Lane's biggest expense was $3368 for TV spots currently airing on cable.

Mary Manross - the incumbent Mayor raised $31000, spent just under $4000, cash on hand of $30000. Interesting names: Jim Bruner, former county supervisor, gave $250, as did his wife Sandy; Debbie Gaby, owner of mattress retailer Sleep America (trust me, you've heard her on one of her ubiquitous radio spots), gave $100; Kevin Osterman gave $100; David Waid, former ED of the Arizona Democratic Party, gave $200. Note: whoever writes up her financial reports either needs to improve their handwriting, or should just type them...and use fewer acronyms, too.

Given the cash on hand numbers for both Lane and Manross, expect lots of mailers, TV spots, and newspaper ads to plaster the city in the weeks leading up to Scottsdale's election in September. As for campaign signs, those are frowned upon in the culture of Scottsdale (they're 'eyesores' or something like that.) There should be some yard signs, but few if any larger signs.

Caveat - All of the "interesting names" are limited to names that I recognized (or in the case of Manross' report, names that I could both read and recognize.) It's very likely that there were other contributors of note; visit the City of Scottsdale's Elections homepage and search through the campaign finance reports for more details.


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Steve Rivero-Lowen said...

Thank you for sharing campaign finance information with us. The
most interesting items were those connected to our inept Mayor Manross. First, illegibility and use of acronyms is not a surprise. This Mayor has been expert in cloaking news and views from the Taxpayers. At the same time her often eccentric and/or insane campaigns, eg, lap dancing, Pink Taco debacle have cost Residents dearly. We now face possibility of a Bond Issue, and other draconian measures. It is time that she goes, and I propose a recall.
I intend to call Scottsdale's not very
effective Attorney to review the proper method of ouster. By the by,
the name, Osterman should mean something locally beyond his not particularly effective role on The Council. That is his photo in The
Arizona Repugnant, with Betsy Drake, and Wayne Ecton, planning a way to reverse the vote on Prop. 401 (lap dancing)that was more perverse than any action at Babe's. Three
of our less than brilliant leaders,
if you include Ron McCullaugh