Friday, July 25, 2008

More odds and ends (like some canvasses this weekend)...

...This being the last full weekend before ballots start getting sent out to voters who are voting early/by mail, there are a number of canvasses planned for Saturday. All start at 8:30 a.m.

In Tempe, volunteers should meet at the Tempe Coordinated Campaign office, 123 W. Baseline (SE corner of Mill and Baseline). For more information, contact Devon Canode, 336-287-9923.

In Mesa, volunteers should meet at the GEMDEMS office, 7141 E. Main St. Join House candidate Tammie Pursley and Senate candidate Judah Nativio, among others, as they work to turn LD18 Blue. For more information, contact Ben[at] or kweatherford[at]

In Phoenix, volunteers have a couple of different options - meet at the campaign office of CD3 candidate Bob Lord (4736 N 44th St.) or at the AZ Dems' HQ (2910 N Central Ave.). For more info, contact the AZ Dems at (602) 298-4200.

On Sunday, Ed Hermes, candidate for County Supervisor, will be joining forces with Phil Hettmansberger, candidate for LD21 State Representative, to walk and knock in LD21. For more info, contact Bob and Kirsten, Ed's volunteer coordinators at 616.283.9362.

There are other canvassing opportunities in other parts of the valley and the state; contact the ADP or your county party for more details.

...In Democratic primary news, Gerald Richard and Tim Nelson, candidates for Maricopa County Attorney will meet twice next week in candidate debates/forums.

- On Tuesday, July 29, the League of Women Voters will hold a debate at Central High School in Phoenix (4525 N Central Ave). The event starts at 7:00 p.m. For more info, contact the MCDP at 602-298-0503.

- On Thursday, July 31, the Foothills Democrats will be holding a candidate forum in Scottsdale at the Legend Trail Community Center, 34575 N Legend Trail Pkwy. The event starts at 7:00 p.m. For more info, contact the Foothills Democrats at 602-234-6590.

...Another dispatch from the "all politics is local" field office -

Mike McClellan of Mesa regularly writes for the AZ Republic. On Thursday, a piece he wrote on Republican State Rep. Andy Biggs went up on the Rep's website.

Turns out that Biggs, one of the most ardently conservative members of the lege, screwed over his own constituents in Gilbert during a recent controversy over fire protection services for unincorporated county islands. (Read the whole piece at the link above for details.)

Wouldn't it be ironic if Biggs was bounced out of his seat in the lege not because of partisan considerations (though Democrat Glenn Ray will be waiting for him if Biggs makes it through the four-way primary for two seats), but because he forgot one of the basic rules of retaining elected office - don't get caught stabbing your constituents in the back when you need to run for election again.

It'll be interesting to see if one or more of Biggs' challengers in the Rep primary use the fire district issue against him.

Stay tuned...

...Is the political tide beginning to turn on nativists? At least, one of the wings of the Republican Party is turning on them...

In LD18, an independent expenditure political action committee, Judgment Matters, has been formed with the stated intent to oppose Russell Pearce's (R - National Alliance). (PolitickerAZ) candidacy for state senate.

The group is seeking donations to mount an advertising campaign against Pearce's candidacy. According to the group's filings with the AZ Secretary of State, it is headed up by business attorney J. Mark Ogden and apparently has political consultant Farrell Quinlan as its spokesman. Quinlan is the former vice president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The fun part is that none of the people involved seem to be Democrats - Ogden represents businesses in conflicts with labor, and Quinlan is a long-time Republican. Just read his blog, Willet Creek Dam.

OK, so now it's official - the 2-way LD18 State Senate Republican primary is more contentious than the 6-way fight in the CD5 Republican primary. (Though this Knaperek-supporting blog is doing its best to change that.)

Anybody got some popcorn?? :))

...As I type this, C-SPAN is broadcasting a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee hearing on executive power and the Bush Administration.

Watching this has made something very clear -

Bush and/or Cheney are not going to be impeached, no matter how much it's justified. While the House could pass articles of impeachment by a simple majority (50% + 1), it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to convict; that will never happen.

As is clear from the Republicans on the committee, led by Mike Pence of Indiana, this president could walk out on the Capitol Mall at high noon, put a match to the Constitution, and dance around it while it burns in front of the throng of tourists, and all they would do about it is to hand Bush a bag of marshmallows and a stick.



HeatherGG said...

If you're sick of Andy Thomas' BS, vote Tim Nelson for County Attorney! He's got the character, resources, experience and endorsements to beat Thomas this fall!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with heathergg. Tim Nelson is a great candidate to take on and defeat Andrew Thomas. We've had enough with Thomas's heavy-handed and self-aggrandizing approach to law enforcement. It doesn't make us safe, it just makes his name more widely spoken. I am eagerly looking forward to Tim Nelson defeating Andrew Thomas!

Matthew Moellering said...

If the President did such a thing, he might not get impeached, but it would be great for Democrats in November!