Thursday, July 10, 2008

The McCain Campaign Is Making It Christmas In July For The Obama Campaign

It seems that this week that whenever something happens that could hurt the Obama campaign, the McCain campaign does something to move the public's attention over to their own screw-ups.

Earlier this week, Sen. Obama ticked off anyone who is concerned about civil liberties with his vote in favor of immunity for telecommunication companies that aided George Bush's illegal surveillance of Americans after September 11, 2001.

Then everybody realized that while Obama's vote was *totally* wrong, at least he showed up and stood up, taking the (well-deserved) heat for that vote.

John McCain, on the other hand, still can't be bothered to show up to his day job - he missed the same vote.

Then the Rev. Jesse Jackson was caught on a live mic criticizing Sen. Obama on Fox News (BTW - Whatthehell was Jackson doing on Fox anyway? He's been around long enough to know that any Dems on Fox are going to get ambushed.)

The deep embarrassment of the remark from a staunch supporter was nothing compared to the "pain in the neck" factor of having it played on cable news shows over and over ad absurdum.

But then, true to form, the McCain campaign helped out their rivals by trotting out Phil Gramm, a senior McCain advisor (and perhaps the only man in the country who could give lessons in "mean and callously uncaring" to Dick Cheney). So what did Gramm do to help divert some of the heat from the Obama campaign?

He told interviewers for the Washington Times that Americans were "whiners" for worrying about the current economic troubles facing the average family.

Actually, he said that America was a "nation of whiners."

And for that and similarly ham-handed moves, Barack Obama should add John McCain and his senior campaign staffers (and advisors!) to his Christmas card list.

BTW - Whatthehell was McCain thinking when he brought Gramm on board as his economic advisor? Gramm's greatest claim to fame regarding economic policy came when Gramm ran interference for Enron on Capitol Hill when they were working to cripple California's economy.

Probably *not* the best guy to have as a highly visible part of your team when running for President during a recession.


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Exurban Jon said...

I am still stunned that a seasoned pol like Gramm would make SUCH a bone-headed move. McCain can't run away fast enough from that guy.