Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Joel Bramoweth, candidate for Scottsdale City Council

Last week, I invited each of the candidates running for office in Scottsdale (mayor and city council) to submit a statement for their candidacy to be published here. Today, I received the 2nd response, from Joel Bramoweth, candidate for Scottsdale City Council. His statement is adapted from a speech, which is why it occasionally reads like he is targeting it toward a live audience. With Mr. Bramoweth's permission, I made a couple of edits in that regard that did not affect the content of his piece, only the readability.

Here it is -
I want to be elected as much as you want to protect and complete the Preserve. I will support you without reservation.

I’m Joel BramOweth and you can HELP ME BRING BACK the ideals of office to City Hall. Born and raised in Tucson, I believe “Elective Office is a Job, it is not a Reward”.

My mom and dad went to Tucson, in 1944 by train from St. Louis, Mo. and when they arrived they had nowhere to go and the town consisted of 35,000 people. They made a life and my dad’s the smartest guy I know.

When I graduated the U of A in December ’69 I wanted to Experience the East coast, drove to Newburyport, MA in an old car without a heater and went to work for a 120 year old silversmith called The Towle Company. I spent 10 years with them working throughout the US and came home to open my own business.

Qualifications: I’ve been self employed for 30 years in real estate management working in four states and along the way I’ve owned some land and built some building and said no to the largest developers and tenants. I have the skill, experience and especially the perspective for the job. (Did you know that each year the council makes about 500 decisions and 375 or 75% of them are real estate related.?)

Prepared: I’ve attended every city council meeting, commissions and interviewed department heads for 28 months and talked to 10,000 people because it’s not just learning the issues; it’s learning your views. “I’m fired up and ready to go”.

Ideals: We need to bring ideals back to city hall by electing modern people who welcome debate without bullying, who are tolerant of new ideas and can do the job without political self-interest or arrogance. If elected officials expect to keep the job, they must do the job and be accountable for the job. We are a wonderful city despite this council, not because of the council. We need change; we need 6 new councilman and I look forward to discussing the issues most important to you and earning your vote.

There is a distinction between “Positions” and “Opinions”. Positions are based on fact, your views and the city’s best interests, opinions are personal and selfish. This council doesn’t get it. Politicians like to decide things, it emboldens them, they like big issues to get reelected like condemning the water company and sweeping the Toll Brothers decision under the rug, this is the old politics of fear, alliance and ideology. It has caused failed lawsuits, referendums and squabbling.

This council has not had one original idea, they jump from problem to problem and draw-out issues creating controversy, lawsuits, condemnations actions and referendums and instead of compromise they bully. Their attitude does not welcome debate and they believe only in their own ideas.

We need a change; we need three new people this year and three in two years. They are sitting right in front of you, they are qualified, modern people who will conduct the business of the city better. I want to be one of them.

I look forward to talking about the issues, which most concern you.

Thank you.


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