Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sometimes, *rivalry* can be taken too far

Totally non-political post ahead...

It seems as if we hear something like this once a year or so, though most of the time, the locale of the paroxysm of gross stupidity is generally in some town where high school or college football is revered above life itself, if only because such locales have nothing better going on there anyway.

I've been to Nashua - there's no way anybody should ever be bored enough to get involved in this.

From AP -
NASHUA, N.H. - After a Red Sox-Yankees argument spilled outside a bar, a Yankee fan aimed her car at a group of people to scare them and didn't brake, hitting and killing a man, authorities and witnesses said.


"She accelerated at a high speed for about 200 feet. She went directly at this group of people," prosecutor Susan Morrell said. "She indicated to police that she wanted to scare this group of people. She thought they would get out of the way."

What words can adequately describe my disgust and horror at this alcohol-fueled insanity?

Like many others in our society, I buy into sports rivalries (Suns-Spurs, ASU-UA, Patriots-Colts, etc., and yes, Red Sox-Yankees), rooting for one or another team for the local pride value, the thrills (a Sox-Yanks game is always riveting, even when one or both teams is having a bad season), the entertainment value...hell, for the sheer *fun* of it all.

And "fun" is the key word here; in the end, no matter the outcome on the field or court, we're talking about *games*, folks.

Taunt, tease, and razz fans of your team's rival - just remember that they are human beings too, and they have as much pride in their teams as you do, and as much desire to simply enjoy the spectacle of the rivalry.

And then, after the final gun, out, or buzzer, when the games are over and the crowds have thinned out, give the gloating a break and offer that opposing fan a drink (or a cab ride home, whichever is most appropriate) and a smile -

For without them, the misguided (insert your own euphemism or non-euphemism here) fans of your rival, the rivalry wouldn't exist, and what fun would that be?

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