Friday, May 16, 2008

Short Attention Span Musing

If it's Friday, my attention span must be 'Fri'-ed (either that or I just like bad puns :)) )...

...As the June 4 deadline approaches, more and more candidates are turning in their nomination petitions.

- Sandra Kennedy, candidate for Corporation Commission, turned in thousands of signatures, many more than the minimum required.

From her press release -
"This brings me one step closer to fulfilling my promise of clean, affordable energy for all Arizona, with the extra jobs and vital economic development that come with more solar and renewable energy in Arizona," said Kennedy. "Arizona has enough solar resources to be energy independent and have sustainable economic growth."

- Dan Saban, candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff, kicked off the official start of his challenge to Joe Arpaio by turning in more than three times the amount of sigs needed, an indication of both his organization and the heartfelt dissatisfaction that many citizens have for the way Arpaio is performing his duties.

From an EV Tribune article on Saban-
Former Mesa police Cmdr. Dan Saban filed thousands of signatures with the county on Friday to get his name on the ballot, setting up a rematch with Joe Arpaio for Maricopa County sheriff.

Saban, who stepped down last week as police chief of Buckeye to focus on the race, turned in 8,040 signatures from registered voters throughout the county, far more than the 2,100 needed to qualify.

...We've had governors, congressmen, legislators, state treasurers, state mine inspectors (and more!) indicted and/or convicted while in office. Could Arizona be adding a senator to that distinguished list in the near future?

From USA Today -
Sen. John McCain secured millions in federal funds for a land acquisition program that provided a windfall for an Arizona developer whose executives were major campaign donors, public records show.

McCain, who has made fighting special-interest projects a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, inserted $14.3 million in a 2003 defense bill to buy land around Luke Air Force Base in a provision sought by SunCor Development, the largest of about 50 landowners near the base. SunCor representatives, upset with a state law that restricted development around Luke, met with McCain's staff to lobby for funding, according to John Ogden, SunCor's president at the time.

Wonder if he learned that trick from Rick Renzi, his former campaign co-chair, or if McCain was the Miyagi to Renzi's Daniel in that particular instance?

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