Friday, May 09, 2008

Short Attention Span Musing

...The McCain campaign is preparing its strategy for the fall, locking up the 'really creepy' vote early on...either that, or Joe Lieberman earned an MD when no one was looking (hey - he's got the time now that he doesn't have to go to any Democratic Party functions, right? :) )...

From AP, via the Boston Herald -
“I just want to report that this morning, I personally checked John McCain’s bearings. He has not lost any of them,” Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said yesterday.

Lieberman's comment was in response to Barack Obama's comment that John McCain had 'lost his bearings' during his pursuit of the presidency, which was itself a response to McCain's comment that the Sen. Obama is the favorite candidate of Hamas.

Apparently, the McCain campaign considers Obama's 'bearings' comment to be a shot at McCain's age.

Sorry guys, but this has nothing to do with age - your candidate lost his bearings years ago, when winning the presidency became more important to him than his humanity.

BTW - didn't Sen. Larry Craig (R - Airport Restroom) get in trouble for merely offering to 'check someone's bearings'?? :))

...On Friday night, the Irrelevant Express whistle-stopped its way through Tempe when third party presidential candidate Ralph Nader campaigned at Changing Hands Bookstore.

After what happened in 2000, he's less than irrelevant to most voters. I don't mean to sound too harsh to Mr. Nader, because he's done some great work during his career, but if he wants to be a force for real change, he needs to choose a different path. All his presidential runs do at this point is to increase the likelihood that a truly bad candidate win the White House.

...In a rather disjointed two-step, on one hand, Republican Sen. David Vitter was cleared on any ethics violations regarding his involvment with a D.C. prostitution ring operated by recently-suicided D.C. madam Deborah Jean Palfrey.

On the other hand, the GOP has turned on one of its own, Rep. Vito Fossella. His crimes? The married congressman was stopped for a DUI and admitted to fathering a child with his mistress.

Why the calls for Fossella's resignation, but the free pass for Vitter for being a patron of an ongoing criminal enterprise?

I don't want to sound like that I'm condoning Fossella's actions (the DUI or the affair), but he's not the first sitting Congresscritter to have a booze problem (he won't be the last, either!), no one was hurt by his DUI (and yes, that does make a difference for the purposes of this post), and his marriage and extramarital activities are only the business of the people involved (and he won't be the last one to cheat on his wife, either).

Much as it pains this Democratic hack to say this, let the voters of his district decide if they still want Fossella, warts and all, to represent them in Washington. There seem to be legitimate reasons for this guy to be out of Congress (corruption, misuse of campaign funds, just generally being a sleazebag, etc.); let him be run out of town for those reasons.

Not for being as subject to human weakness in his personal life as everybody else.

Have a good weekend...

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Desert Beacon said...

Fossella earned himself a Deck Bass nomination this week!