Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Feature - The Boycott List

Time to introduce a new feature - The Boycott List.

The list isn't meant to be a local version of Buy Blue, something that lists companies worthy of support (because they or their owners/management tend to support Democratic/progressive causes) or to avoid (because they or their owners/management favor Republican/conservative causes).

Instead, this will just be a list of businesses that I won't do business with because of something specific that they have done that merits such a response.

First up is, of course, Wal-Mart. With its record of contempt for employees, customers, and communities, there is an endless litany of reasons to never do business with them.

However, I can only pick one, so for the purposes of this post, I'm selecting the misbegotten move to sue a disabled former employee.

The then-employee had been the victim of a vehicle accident and incurred medical expenses which Wal-Mart's insurance plan covered. She and her family then sued the trucking company responsible for the accident, winning a little more than $400K.

At which point, Wal-Mart, citing a clause in its insurance plan that allowed it to do so, sued the now brain-damaged and nursing-home confined woman to recover its expenses.

The fact that Wal-Mart backed off after word got out about their move and the ensuing national furor turned the whole thing into a PR mega-disaster doesn't make them any less vile.

Joining Wal-Mart as a charter member of the list, heading up the "Gutless Wonder" wing of this hall of shame, is Dunkin Donuts.

The Massachusetts-based chain had an internet up that showed TV chef Rachael Ray wearing a scarf.

The right-wing nutosphere went nuts, claiming that Ray was wearing a keffiyeh, a headdress tradionally worn by Arab men, including those who are active in jihadist and/or terrorist activities.

The fact that the article of clothing was just a simple silk scarf with a paisley pattern didn't stop Fox News, led by Michelle Malkin, from complaining and inciting their kool-aid drinking followers to harass DD.

Also, the fact that the article of clothing was nothing more than a simple scarf didn't stop Dunkin Donuts from abjectly surrendering to the McCarthyist fear-mongering and bullying.

So for that cowardice, they too are charter members of the Boycott List, companies that I won't do business with.

P.S. - this one hurts. Not doing business with Wal-Mart is easy - most of what they sell is imported from China and contaminated with lead, or is simply cheap crap.

Dunkin Donuts actually makes a good product, perhaps the best of the chains (and wayyyy better than Krispy Kreme. Must go duck now. Lots of flying objects coming. :)) ).

On the other hand, while I'll miss them, but it's not like I exactly need them.

Nope, not at all.


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