Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thank you, Elizabeth Edwards

It's about time that Democrats with some stature started taking on McCain...

From The Washington Post's The Trail -
Elizabeth Edwards Issues a Challenge to McCain on Health Care

Since her husband suspended his run for the Democratic nomination three months ago, Elizabeth Edwards has remained largely out of the public sphere. A fierce proponent of her husband's run for office and once a regular on the campaign stump -- despite her ongoing battle with cancer -- Edwards stepped back into the fray last weekend with an attack on Sen. John McCain's health-care plan.

Under the presumptive Republican nominee's health-care plan, Edwards told reporters, she would not be covered, an accusation that McCain's aides deny.

Mrs. Edwards' blog entry at ThinkProgress here. Her blog entry contains links to both McCain's health care platform and an LA Times article chronicling this ongoing discussion.

The best part of the article was a McCain adviser's criticism of Mrs. Edwards' criticisms - he said "that they revealed she did not understand the comprehensive nature of the senator's proposal." (from the LA Times article)

Ummm, Elizabeth Edwards has degrees in English and Law. Not only that, but she has been fighting and living with cancer for almost four years.

If there is anyone who is almost uniquely qualified to comprehensively understand the "nature" of a political candidate's health care proposals, Elizabeth Edwards is that person.

McCainiacs - you can't win this one. Better to just walk away from this fight - even taking her on makes you look like heels.


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