Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Crappie Award

I'm writing this a little early because of my work schedule, but we already have a "winner" for this week's award.

John McCain, patriot and veteran and alleged "supporter of our troops," earned consideration for this week's award for his opposition to the modern GI Bill (Senate version here; the Harry Mitchell-sponsored House version here).

Apparently "maverick" McCain is taking his direction from the Bush White House, which is fundamentally opposed to the bills because servicemen and women might choose to leave the service to take advantage of the education benefits instead of re-enlisting.

Desert Beacon's coverage of this issue here.

Coverage from The Nation, via Yahoo! News here.

However, in spite of the "reverse twisting pike" nature of his flip flop, it pales in comparison to the "inward reverse 3 1/2 somersault" special performed by this week's winner, everybody's favorite neo-anderthal and professional bigot, State Rep. Russell Pearce (R-National Alliance).

Relax, he hasn't flip-flopped on the subject of immigrants (still hates 'em), public arts funding (bury it in a mine shaft), or government in general (only reason it should exist is to put people in jail).

Nope, he's still very consistent about all of that.

What he has apparently changed his opinion of is Clean Elections.

Clean Elections is Arizona's program of voluntary public financing for candidates for statewide and legislative offices.

It's very successful - more than 60% of currently declared candidates are participating in Clean Elections so far (that number could change as new candidates enter races and announced candidates withdraw or don't gather enough signatures to get on the ballot.)

Russell Pearce, and most Republicans, hate it with a passion.

He's campaigned on the "hypocrisy" of Clean Elections, and in 2006, Pearce proposed a strike-everything amendment to a bill to get rid of Clean Elections.

So who is shown as a participating candidate on CCEC's list of 2008 candidates?

Pearce, Russell Republican State Senator - District No. 18 Participating

Don't forget to check in with Desert Beacon in Nevada to find out the winner of her "Sunday Deck Bass Award."

Have a good weekend!

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