Thursday, April 17, 2008

Media coverage for State Sen. Meg Burton-Cahill

Sen. Meg Burton-Cahill's work on behalf of the students and parents of Corona del Sol High School in Tempe has earned some MSM coverage.

From the AZ Republic -
On behalf of the state Legislature, an Arizona senator apologized to teachers, parents, students and Tempe Union High School District governing board members at Wednesday's board meeting.

"I'm sorry. I think we at the Legislature have let you all down," said Sen. Meg Burton Cahill, D-Tempe.

Burton Cahill's presence at the meeting drew applause from the crowd of about 100 people, mostly Corona del Sol High School parents, students and teachers there to ask board members to allow an independent environmental consultant to do new and more expansive air-quality testing at the school.

It seems as it the situation between the school and the parents that are concerned about the health risks facing their children has deteriorated to the point where they *need* someone with the stature of a state senator to intercede.

From another story from the Republic -
Parents barred from Corona air-quality meeting

Parents were barred from a meeting with contractors this week at Corona del Sol High School to address upgrading the school's failing ventilation system and improving air quality, according to Corona PTO representatives.

District officials acknowledged that parents were invited to a previous meeting between district officials and contractors. But because the contractors were not comfortable with parents' questions the district decided to honor the company's wishes and not allow parents into the meeting on Tuesday. It was not "open to the public," spokeswoman Linda Littell said.

More on the Corona del Sol situation here, here, and here.

The website of the Corona del Sol PTO is here.


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