Friday, March 14, 2008

Democratic Presidential Delegate Selection

Tomorrow, Saturday March 15, Arizona's Democratic PCs will caucus to select their district level delegates to this summer's national convention.

The AZDems' statewide information page on this event is here.

The CD5-specific info:

Caucus location -

CD 5 Arizona State University – Map
Registration: Social Sciences Building – SS (ground floor)
Obama Caucus: SS226
Clinton Caucus: SS229

Directions to Arizona State University, University Drive & Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ
Tempe Campus Map
From the 202, Exit Scottsdale Rd./Rural, Turn right on to Rural, Turn Right on to Rio Salado, Park in Lot 59, just North, Northeast & East of the ASU Sun Devils Stadium.

Drop off location:

CD 4 – 5: From Lot 59, head South to University Dr. Head West to Normal Dr., turn South in the parking lot nest to the Student Health Center. Drop off in parking lot.

All voting PCs must register before the caucus starts; registration opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes promptly at 10:00 a.m.

Delegates to be selected from CD5 -

2 Delegates for Hillary Clinton (one male, one female); 3 Delegates for Barack Obama (one male, two female, plus one male alternate).

In CD5, there are 11 Clinton delegate candidates; 25 Obama delegate candidates.

A list of all delegate candidates can be found here.

While coffee and water will be provided, and box lunches will be available for purchase, the ADP recommends that caucus-goers bring drinks and snacks, as the caucuses may take several hours.

Note: I've decided to caucus for the Obama delegates. I'll be voting for uber-volunteer (and LD17 PC and vice-chair) Lauren Kuby.

With her activist resume starting with volunteering for the McGovern campaign in '72 and continuing through her dedication to the Obama campaign, she epitomizes the grassroots heart of the Democratic Party.

In addition to her work as vice-chair of the LD17 Dems, including serving as both the Communications and Fundraising chairs, she organized for Obama in AZ even before he had an AZ campaign. She's both opened her home to out-of-state volunteers and volunteer to travel to other states for the campaign (IA, NV, TX) herself.

If there is anyone is the state that can be said to have *earned* a trip to the national convention in Denver, it's Lauren Kuby.

As for my other choices, I've got no bleepin' clue. :)

There are a number of other wholly deserving candidates; I'm going to have to wait until their 3 minute presentations tomorrow to decide.


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