Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another corporate lobbyist "explores" challenge to Harry Mitchell

In a long-expected development, telecom lobbyist Susan Bitter-Smith has announced the establishment of an exploratory committee for the race for CD5 Republican nomination.

Her announcement can be found here.

In her announcement, she cites her experience as a member of the Scottsdale City Council and Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD).

Not mentioned or even hinted at is her long-time job as director of the Arizona Cable Telecommunications Association, an industry lobbying group.

While the lateness her pseudo-entry into the race makes it tougher for her (the other Rep candidates in CD5 have had time to bank contributions and lock up endorsements), however, she will be well-funded by her clients and is sure to have the backing of GOP Chamber of Commerce types like Virginia Korte.

Evaluation: She could make an impact on the race with her money and her ties in north Scottsdale. Working against her are the facts that she has almost no visibility in the Tempe part of the district and the fact that even Republicans aren't too enamored with lobbyists these days.

Caveat: take any of my speculations on the mindsets of Republicans with a grain of salt (maybe the whole salt mine!) - I'm not a Republican...not even close.

...In the category of "Interesting 2006 Replay" - the press contact listed on the announcement press release, Brian Hummell, seemed familiar. Turns out that he is a lobbyist too, sometimes representing organizations such as the Arizona Film and Media Coalition before the AZ legislature.

And the "2006" part?

He was JD Hayworth's spokesman that year. :)))

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