Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes hardball is the wrong game to play...

Whatthehell are they thinking?

In a move that I sort of predicted a couple of weeks ago, the Clinton campaign has requested that the DNC change the nomination rules.

From Reuters via Yahoo! News:
Sen. Hillary Clinton, in an about-face, said on Friday she wants the Democratic Party delegates in two states that were barred by the national party to be reinstated and counted in the race to determine the party's U.S. presidential nominee.

In those states, Michigan and Florida, Clinton could stake claim to nearly all the delegates to the nominating convention in question -- more than 350.

Is the Clinton campaign deliberately trying to alienate the grassroots of the party? Do they really believe they can win the general election (presuming that she wins the nomination, a possibility that stunts like this could jeopardize) without the votes of the supporters of the other primary candidates? Do they even care about the damage such a move could do to the party's (and the eventual nominee's) image?

Are they supremely arrogant, or just supremely foolish?

For the sake of the party, Governor Dean and the DNC should respond to the request with a firm and final


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