Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't drink the tap water in certain parts of Scottsdale and P.V.

...It's deja vu all over again, but they seem to have worked out the whole "communicate in a timely manner" problem, anyway...

The number of hits on this blog exploded today, and most of the hits were on the posts I wrote on contaminated drinking water in Scottsdale (here, here, and here).

The vast majority of the hits were from the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, though a few came from much farther away.

My curiousity was piqued, to say the least, but had no idea why so many people were suddenly interested those (relatively) old posts.

Then I came across this article from the Arizona Republic's website -
Tap-water ban hits parts of P.V., Scottsdale

Residents in Paradise Valley and parts of Scottsdale were told Wednesday not to drink their tap water.

A water treatment plant for Arizona American Water malfunctioned Tuesday possibly sending elevated levels of TCE or trichloroethylene into the water supply, said Arizona American Water spokesman Todd Walker.

As the article noted, the problem occurred at the same treatment facility as October's problem, the treatment facility at Miller and McDonald in Scottsdale.

From the City of Scottsdale's press release on today's malfunction -
Water company's notice has no link to Scottsdale municipal water system

A private water company serving about 4,700 businesses and households in Paradise Valley and a portion of Scottsdale notified customers Wednesday evening not to drink tap water until 5 p.m. Friday.

The company is not associated with the City of Scottsdale system, and its system is separate from the Scottsdale municipal system serving about 88,000 customers.

The company’s service area within Scottsdale is generally north of Jackrabbit Road, south of Indian Bend Road and west of the Arizona Canal. It also serves some neighborhoods north of Camelback Road and west of the Arizona Canal. Arizona American serves about 1,200 Scottsdale customers. (Map of service area withinScottsdale, pdf/313kb/1p)

The Arizona American Water press release can be found here.

...Not the kind of press coverage that Scottsdale's elected leaders and their 'friends' in the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce want to see with the Super Bowl (and the thousands of tourists spending millions of dollars that come with it) two and a half weeks away...

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Devo1978 said...

I am perplexed by the lack of press scrutiny on McCain’s record of covering up one of the largest Superfund Sites in the nation in Scottsdale, Arizona, the North Indian Bend Wash. I grew up in that toxic area of Scottsdale, so I know from personal experience that John McCain never bothered to inquire about or advocate for his poisoned constituents.

Even though he was elected to the newly realigned Congressional District 1 in 1982, precisely the time when EPA documented the TCE contamination of his new constituents, he never called for a health assessment. The only record of McCain taking any interest in the site was when he wrote to EPA as Senator, June 30, 1989, to complain that his constituent Mr. Johnson should be allowed to sell his contaminated land even though he had been identified as a Potentially Responsible Party. The EPA response of July 12, 1990, states, “Given our mandate to give priority attention to public health threats, EPA can not justify putting Mr. Johnson’s concerns ahead of the rest of the citizens of Scottsdale who need drinking water.” This is McCain’s complete record on protecting the families who lived in the NIBW prior to 1982. His failure to advocate for the citizens he represented from the time he was elected to Congress, up to the present day, speaks to his lack of character or concern for the environment
McCain ignored all those families in the NIBW during his years in office. He chose to keep the contamination of the groundwater in Scottsdale very, very hush-hush. Keating and others would not have appreciated that kind of publicity.
McCain cooperated with other officials to suppress the facts about the water Scottsdale residents drank. Fifty-seven THOUSAND POUNDS (~19 TONS) of highly toxic TCE have been removed from the municipal wells that supplied my neighborhood in the 60's & 70's.

When I called his office about the ATSDR petition, he never returned my call.

John McCain even failed to act when TCE was served to residents this year.

Perhaps it was Senator McCain who called to pressure Mr. Dillinberg, when TCE was again served to his citizens in the mid ‘90’s, as reported here by Terry Greene Sterling:

Jefferson envisioned the “fourth estate” as a guardian of the truth. Please tell it now.