Friday, December 14, 2007

Short Attention Span Musing - Burning Questions Edition

...You know, I'm not minimizing the significance of the Mitchell (former U.S. Senator George, not current U.S. Rep. Harry :)) ) report on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, but in light of the country's ongoing budget deficit, economic decline, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, trashing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and more, why is every politician under the sun jumping in on this?

Congresscritters and elected officials from Maine to California are weighing in, whether it's Reps. Waxman and Davis inviting Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, respectively the MLB commissioner and players' union chief, to appear before a Congressional hearing looking into baseball's steroid use to George Bush's spouting off about the possible effect on "America's young."

- - - Is it too much to ask the people that were elected to lead the country actually focus on their jobs?

...The Senate overwhelmingly passed HR6, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 *after* the Senate Democrats surrendered to a filibuster threat from Senate Republicans and a veto threat from George Bush and stripped out aspects that would have ended some tax breaks for Big Oil and compelled the development and use of renewable energy sources.

- - - I know that the Democratic leadership in both chambers is used to surrendering by now, but maybe they should have realized that this one would have been the perfect opportunity to call the Republicans' bluff?

At a time when gas is over $3.00 per gallon and oil company profits are at record levels, when the northeastern part of the country is digging out from one winter storm with another nor'easter bearing down, all the while dealing with home heating oil prices that have risen more than 250% since George W. Bush took office, pictures of Republican Senators going to the mat, not for insuring sick kids or even funding government operations, but for *oil companies,* would be the perfect cover photos on Christmas cards sent to their constituents.

The Republican senators could consider it a Christmas gift from the DSCC. :))

...Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff thinks that Congressional oversight of his agency has "run amok" and wants less Congressional involvement in operations there.

- - - Does Secretary Chertoff really think that he's going to get more than $40 billion dollars and the authority to peer into the lives of American citizens without someone peering over his shoulder?

...The Associated Press ran a piece today about Democratic presidential contender Bill Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico. The thrust of the piece was a rhetorical question, wondering if Governor Richardson was "too real" to win the nomination and the presidency.

The point of the question is that while Governor Richardson has become a little more polished as the campaign has progressed, he is considered something of an "unmade bed" - an openly, enthusiastically, friendly man who can be described at "the ultimate diplomat who can be incredibly undiplomatic."

- - - In this era of candidates who don't wake up in the morning without convening a focus group to decide if they should have milk or cream in their coffee, isn't it time for a candidate who is just a normal guy with a normal personality?

[OK, OK - a highly intelligent, well educated, vastly experienced, and supremely qualified "normal guy." :)) ]

Maybe America is ready for a candidate who hasn't been prepped, primped, made-up, and blow-dried to within an inch of their human-ness. I know that I am.

The article was actually a pretty good one, with a fair career bio of the Governor. It's worth a read.

A couple of quick notes -

Full disclosure time - I'm a Richardson supporter (like that wasn't obvious :) ).

Also, for a brief period, the AP article was published, in of all places, Somebody over at Fox must have realized they published an article that was complimentary of a Democrat, though, and took it down, because I can no longer find it on the Fox site.

...Most people (at least, most of the active Democrats that I've spoken to) believe that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has his eye on higher office, such as Arizona Attorney General or Governor.

In light of his recent policy change allowing Phoenix police officers to engage in the enforcement of immigration laws (and past things, like endorsing Republican Jim "we don't need no steenkin' Democrats" Weiers for State Rep), the question is this -

- - - Will Gordon be running as a Democrat or a Republican?


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