Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little perspective...

Yesterday, I was very ticked off at the failure of the Congressional Dems to do anything to bring Bush's war in Iraq under control and for their surrender on deficit reduction.

I'm *still* very ticked off.

However, in this post, Desert Beacon in Nevada lends some much-needed perspective to the Democratic record in the 1st Session of the 110th Congress.

A year and a half ago, the Democrats announced their "Six for '06" agenda.

This included (courtesy CNN) "national security, jobs and wages, energy independence, affordable health care, retirement security, college access for all."

Well, as DB noted, the Democrats in Congress passed, and got Bush to sign into law, "a minimum-wage increase, implementation of the homeland security recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, college cost reduction, and an energy measure that requires conservation and the expanded use of renewable sources of energy."

Stem cell research was passed but vetoed by Bush.

And as DB also noted, 4 out of 6 gives you a damn good batting average.

I just hope that next year, the Congressional Dems can add a couple of home runs to the four singles of this year.


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Scheevel said...

CCRAA was a strike. It does nothing for "cost of attendance." It lowers interest rates over the next 5 years but then they go back to present levels. Pell grant increases are contingent on future congressional budgets. It does away with deferment options for medical residents and will likely force many FFELP lenders and guarantors into a new line of work. They're not playing for my team.