Monday, November 26, 2007

Wonder if Jon Kyl sings in the shower?

If he does, is a certain 70's TV theme song in his repertoire?

Earlier today, the Washington Post broke the story of Sen. Trent Lott's (R-MS) impending retirement. The story included a brief recap of his career, it's effect on the GOP, the likelihood of the seat staying in Republican hands (count on it - MS's governor is a Republican himself), and speculation of the reason for the timing of Lott's announcement (beginning next year, there's a two-year "cooling off" period for outgoing lawmakers before they can become paid lobbyists.)
Most of Lott's story is unimportant to Arizona, except for one significant line -
That set off a round of maneuvering inside the Republican conference to succeed Lott. Aides confirmed that Sen. Jon Kyl (Ariz.), the No. 3 member of the leadership team, is seeking to replace Lott...

Could someone cue up Ja'net Du Bois, a gospel choir, and Isabel Sanford and Sherman Helmsley?

Daniel at Daniel's News and Views already has his take on this news. In his opinion, the biggest effect on AZ will be that between shilling for Big Pharma and Big Insurance, acting as the President's water-carrier on the Hill, and the increase in his Republican Party-related duties, Jon Kyl won't have time available to actually represent his constituents.

In other words (my words this time), we won't notice any difference. :))

...In other news DC Republican news, Vice-President Dick Cheney was defibrillated on Monday.

Relax - I'm not saying anything nasty there. It just means that he had an irregular heartbeat and received an electric shock to correct it.

Of course, the really shocking news is that Dick Cheney *has* a heart. :))


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