Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Guns and students? Not a concern. Protest the war? Expel 'em all!

Looks like the Bush/Cheney school of thought on the value of civil liberties has a new convert named Ben Nowakowski.

Mr. Nowakowski is the superintendant of Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois. Last week, a number of students held a sit-in in the cafeteria to protest the war in Iraq.

Note: Mr. Nowakowski's district office is in Cicero, IL.

Mr. Nowakowski intends to make an example of the protesters.

Detentions?? That's so 80's.

Suspensions?? That's for sissies.

Nope, he's a tough, law-and-order type.

He wants to expel 25 of them, permanently barring them from school.

Chicago Sun-Times coverage here.

The interestingly ironic part of all this? The anti-war protest was used as an excuse to "lock-down" the school, the same school, where just last month (October 15), Mr. Nowakowski refused to "lock-down" the same school when a student brought a gun to school.

Chicago Tribune coverage of that incident here.

The most ironic quote from that story -

"Most students act very responsible every day, and intruding on their personal freedoms becomes a concern," he said. "We don't want to turn the building into a prison for students."

A press release from the parents of the students, via CommonDreams.org, is here.

A Nowkowski/school district press release on the protest is here.

A follow up article to the gun incident is here.

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