Friday, November 30, 2007

Breaking: Hostages taken at Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire

Edit to add:

It's over, and thankfully, it appears that no one was hurt.

End edit.

From WMUR-TV -

Man Takes Hostages At Clinton Campaign Office

Witnesses Say Man Has Bomb-Like Device Strapped To Chest

An armed man has taken two campaign workers hostage at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, police said.

Officials with the campaign confirmed that there were two workers taken hostage in the office on 28 North Main St., and NBC News reported that the man demanded to speak to Clinton.

Clinton, who is not in New Hampshire, canceled a National Democratic Committee meeting in Virginia.

As of right now, no injuries have been reported and the NH campaign offices of Barack Obama and John Edwards have been evacuated.

Today's a work day, so I won't be able to update this, but it should be all over the news shortly.


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