Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well, at least one AZ Republican understands 'resign to run' ...

...of course, since he's leaving the job of Maricopa County Treasurer, no one will really notice.

(That's not really a personal shot at Mr. Schweikert; until he was mentioned as a potential CD5 candidate, I had *no* idea that the County Treasurer position was an elected one, much less who held the job. In short, it's a *very* low profile position.)

On Tuesday, 1st-term County Treasurer David Schweikert announced his resignation from the job with a little more than a year left in his term.

He is one of the many Republicans lining up to try to unseat Harry Mitchell in next year's CD5 race.

While Schweikert didn't officially announce his candidacy (that will come after he actually leaves office next Monday), his resignation letter reads more like a campaign statement than a letter ending his term of public service to the citizens of Maricopa County.

From the letter (courtesy the East Valley Tribune) -
"Most importantly we made the office a shinning (sic) example of how government should operate."

OK, so maybe I cherry-picked his letter a little. :)) When his campaign becomes official, I'm sure he'll hire a decent writer as his press secretary.

Or at least someone who knows how to use 'spell check.' :)

Seriously though, his letter *was* a campaign statement, with roughly 70% of the letter devoted to touting his "accomplishments" in Republican-speak - aka "downsize" and "privatize."

The letter, in fact, reads a lot like the introductory statement on his 'exploratory' website, though, for obvious reasons, with a stronger emphasis on his activities in the county treasurer's office.

The EV Trib story on the resignation is here.

The AZ Rep's Plugged-In has coverage here.

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