Monday, October 29, 2007

A good weekend to be a Boston sports fan... Arizona.

And it was actually a pretty good weekend for AZ sports fans, too. :)

Non-political post ahead...

Let's see...

The Red Sox won the World Series, showing that the combination of an explosive offense and timely pitching is a championship combination...

- - - The Diamondbacks may not have won the World Series this year, but their surprising trip to the League Championship Series is something to build on.

The Patriots blew out Washington, setting up a sure-to-be-overhyped matchup of unbeaten teams next weekend when they face the Indianapolis Colts.

- - - The Cardinals didn't play, ergo, they didn't lose.

Boston College's undefeated football team solidified its hold on the #2 ranking in the national polls with a comeback victory over Virginia Tech.

- - - Likewise, the Arizona State Sun Devils maintained their undefeated record with a solid win over Cal (a win that propelled ASU to the #6 ranking in the polls.)

The Boston Celtics will be starting their regular season this week with a team that is Boston's best chance in many seasons for a long playoff run. Adding Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to a team in the NBA's very weak Eastern Conference will do that for a team.

- - - The Phoenix Suns also start their regular season soon; unlike the Celtics, however, just a "playoff run" will be a disappointment Now that Tim Donaghy isn't an NBA referee, the Suns are a championship-caliber team.

The Boston Bruins are playing. The good news is that the NHL's national TV contract with the Versus sports network means that almost no one will see them.

- - - The Phoenix Coyotes: Ditto.

New Englanders can still golf in November (which starts this week!); they just put on a coat, hat, and gloves.

- - - Arizonans can still golf in November; they just put on shorts, a t-shirt, and sunblock.

Note: :)))

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