Monday, October 15, 2007

Dean Martin - State Treasurer, Investigation Subject, ...and Traffic Builder?

This blog has been getting a higher-than-normal number of hits today, with a number of hits based on searches for "Dean Martin Arizona Treasurer" or some variation thereof.

I wasn't what was behind the traffic jump until I visited the website of the East Valley Tribune and found this headline and story -
AG probe into Martin focuses on campaign money

A new complaint involving old allegations from a longtime critic of state Treasurer Dean Martin triggered the short-lived investigation into Martin’s finances by Attorney General Terry Goddard’s office.

The 'longtime critic' mentioned in the Trib piece is Bob Haran, who I mentioned in my most recent post on the Martin investigation and in my earlier posts on these same allegations here, here, and here.

In the end, the now-federal investigation may only prove that Mr. Martin is unethical, but is that a character trait that we want in a state treasurer?

The bottom line is that he's a fraud scandal and indictment waiting to happen.


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