Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Campaign literature season has started

Got a bit of snail mail today, addressed to "The [cpmaz] Family."

It was from the Schweikert Congressional Exploratory Committee (i.e. - one of the Republicans running against Harry Mitchell in CD5 next year.)

The envelope contained a short letter asking for support and a postage-paid reply card.

His campaign is still an "exploratory" one because he is currently the Maricopa County Treasurer and would have to "resign to run" under Arizona law if he becomes a candidate while he has more than one year left in his term of office.

I was impressed by a passage from the letter -

...As we have all seen in the last few years, many of our leaders in Washington have continued to increase the size and scope of government, while wasting our tax dollars on pork projects that do little or no good for our country.


If you are like me, you are frustrated with what's going on in Congress. Frustrated with the corruption and the unwillingness of our leaders to stop government waste...

Wow! He speaks like a true Democrat! Observing the Republican 'culture of corruption' and waste, and vowing to challenge it!

...Too bad *he's* a Republican himself...

Note to Mr. Schweikert: The next time you ask the County Recorder's office for a mailing list, have them use search criteria of "CD5 residents but not Democratic Party PCs or wiseass bloggers."

Just a suggestion... :))

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