Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Bush Administration Consumer Protection Plan:

Oppose efforts to increase consumer protections.

From the International Herald Tribune -
The top official for consumer product safety has asked Congress in recent days to reject legislation that would strengthen the agency that polices thousands of consumer goods, from toys to tools.

On the eve of an important Senate committee meeting to consider the legislation, Nancy Nord, the acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has asked lawmakers in two letters not to approve the bulk of legislation that would increase the agency's authority, double its budget and sharply increase its dwindling staff.

Nord opposes provisions that would increase the maximum penalties for safety violations and make it easier for the government to make public reports of faulty products, protect industry whistleblowers and prosecute executives of companies that willfully violate laws.

It should come as no surprise that Ms. Nord's bio on the CPSC website touts her corporate protection experience (she was a corporate lawyer and water carrier for the Republicans before her stint at CPSC) while ignoring any consumer protection experience (well, to be honest, I couldn't find any, so maybe 'ignore' is the wrong word :) ).

The IHT article later covers the White House's contention that while Ms. Nord did not coordinate her opposition to the pending legislation, it too opposes that legislation.

Maybe the Administration will propose a 'consumer affairs' bill, one similar in intent and effect to NCLB (No Child Left Behind.)

They can call it "NCLF" for No Child Lead-Free.

ProgressNowAction's take on this here. (note: PNA compares Ms. Nord to Irwin Mainway. Background info on Mr. Mainway here. :)) )

OMBWatch's take is here.

Background info - the bill that the administration opposes seems to be S2045, CPSC Reform Act of 2007. Info at the link.


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