Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another day, more evidence of Republican priorities

The Bushies are now limiting their contempt for the public. They are only placing more importance on corporate profits over public safety on specific days now.

As in only on days ending in "y".

Earlier today, the House Committee on Science and Technology held a hearing on NASA's refusal to release the results of a survey of pilots on aviation safety.

NASA's justification for that initial refusal?

It might "affect the public confidence in, and the commercial welfare of the air carriers and general aviation companies." (AFP)

Under questioning from legislators at today's hearing (including AZ5's Harry Mitchell), the director of NASA, Michael Griffin, disavowed the stated justification for withholding the survey results and promised to release the results.

After any sensitive information has been redacted (i.e. - censored) from the report.

Sensitive information includes such 'meaningless' things like airlines, airports, and aircraft models.

Rep. Harry Mitchell had this to say (courtesy a press release) -
“The idea that the federal government would put private profits ahead of the flying public’s safety is outrageous and inexcusable,” said Mitchell. “NASA’s survey reportedly contains information – from pilots – about runway incursions, wildlife strikes, and near collisions. These are real risks. If pilots have concerns about them, we need to know.”

You know, I've disagreed with Congressman Mitchell on a few significant issues (FISA, Iraq war funding), but he's dead on on this one.

Perhaps it must be done one issue at a time, but it's time that the Democrats in Congress start holding the Bush Administration and their Executive Branch appointees accountable for their failure to do their job of protecting the interests of *all* Americans.

Not just big-money contributors.

Griffin's written testimony here.

Committee chairman Bart Gordon's (D-TN) opening statement here.

AP coverage of the hearing here.


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