Saturday, August 18, 2007

Short Attention Span Musing - Special Edition*

*"Special Edition" because it's the second one this week, so that means it is twice as special as usual. ;))

...The latest evidence that the Bush Administration's definition of the word "terrorist" has devolved to mean "anybody we don't like" (from USA Today) -
U.S. moves to blacklist Iranian Guard

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration is moving toward blacklisting Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization, subjecting at least part of the entity to financial sanctions in a new move against the Islamic republic, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

An unnamed spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard responded with a spirited rebuttal that translators said began "Sticks and stones..."

...The latest evidence that Hollywood needs to create a 'reality' TV show for faded D-list celebrities named "Get a freakin' clue!" (From MSNBC) -
Steven Seagal says FBI probe ruined career

LOS ANGELES - Steven Seagal, whose action movies once were major box-office attractions, believes false allegations by FBI agents ruined his career, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.

The FBI investigation *could* have had a negative impact on his career, though I doubt its impact was more significant than that of the fact that he is a talentless hack.

...The latest evidence that there are occasional outbreaks of sanity in Bush's America (also from MSNBC) -
ACLU: Settlement in anti-Bush T-shirt case

Federal government to pay $80,000 to Texas couple arrested at rally

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A couple arrested at a rally after refusing to cover T-shirts that bore anti-President Bush slogans settled their lawsuit against the federal government for $80,000, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday.

Nicole and Jeffery Rank of Corpus Christi, Texas, were handcuffed and removed from the July 4, 2004, rally at the state Capitol, where Bush gave a speech. A judge dismissed trespassing charges against them, and an order closing the case was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Charleston.

Of course, our elation at this little island of respect for the Constitution should be tempered by the fact that since 'the federal government' is paying the $80K, that means that while the Bushies committed the crime, *we* are paying the fine.

...The latest evidence that Sen. James "Global Warming Is A Hoax" Inhofe (R-OK) is in dire need of a laxative (aka - he's full of ----) (from the International Herald Tribune) -
Arctic ice shrinks to record low, melting faster than computers predicted

WASHINGTON: Arctic sea ice reached its lowest extent on record Friday, and the melting is continuing, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported.

"Today is a historic day," said Mark Serreze, a senior research scientist at the center. "This is the least sea ice we've ever seen in the satellite record, and we have another month left to go in the melt season this year."

Maybe Inhofe will believe when Tulsa is oceanfront.

...And finally, in the latest evidence that karma is still alive and kicking...those that deserve it (from Scientific American) -
Deer hunting may put men's hearts at risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Deer hunting could be a dangerous endeavor for men with heart disease or risk factors for it, research findings suggest.

In a study of 25 middle-aged male deer hunters, researchers found that the activities inherent to hunting -- like walking over rough terrain, shooting an animal and dragging its carcass -- sent the men's heart rates up significantly.

A spokesowl for PETA was coy when asked if his group had anything to do with funding the study, saying "Whooooo? Us???"

And in unrelated news, Disney announced the release of its latest direct-to-home-video sequel, "Myocardial Infarction: Bambi's Revenge."


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