Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been watching the House debate on SCHIP, and have come to the following conclusion -

The following phrase should be added to the oath of office sworn by every member of Congress:

"I swear that all statements that I make during debate shall be relevant to the issue under consideration, and shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

The Democratic side would have to quiet down considerably (hey - they *are* politicians after all :) ), but the Republican side would have to be all but silent.

After all of their dilatory tactics (irrelevant debate, motions to adjourn, approve the journal, etc.) have failed, they have no substantive grounds to oppose the bill, so they resort to BS...

...More than one Republican has said that renewing the program that provides health coverage for poor children in America would encourage illegal immigration.


...Others talk about how the bill attacks senior citizens by cutting Medicare, but they ignore the fact that the AARP wholeheartedly supports passage of the bill.

Agree with them or not, no one can argue the AARP's zeal in advocating for the interests of senior citizens.

...Anyway, my favorite line during the debate wouldn't be affected by my proposed change to the oath of office - Phil Gingrey, Republican from Georgia, objected to an increase in the tobacco tax to help pay for the expansion of the program, instead preferring that we borrow the money from China.

Good God, that's so ludicrous, I actually wish I was making it up, but I'm not.

More later...

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