Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new website devoted to presidential campaign coverage

PSA time...

Earlier this summer, I participated in beta testing for a new website, Wonkosphere.com. It is a non-partisan site that focuses on presidential candidate ''buzz" in blog postings.

It goes live tomorrow (or perhaps 'today' as you read this, and it's worth a visit, especially for those of you who are interested in tracking the talk about the various presidential campaigns..

From a Wonkosphere press release -

About Wonkosphere
Wonkosphere is designed for bloggers, media, political activists, and political junkies who need to stay on top of the 2008 Presidential race but can't spend all day searching for the hottest and most relevant material. Wonkosphere provides an analysis of the political buzz that is timely and unbiased. Wonkosphere is different from other sites because it tracks over a thousand blogs and web sites per day, more than any human can read. Its patented technology text analysis technology measures each candidate’s buzz share and tone in conservative and liberal blogs, and highlights the most representative and linked posts.


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