Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's start a pool!!

Other than the FISA vote, there's been some great news for America this month coming out of DC..

First, there was Karl Rove's resignation...

Then, Rick Renzi announced his "retirement"...

Now today, Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation. (Whooo hoooo!)

OK, I admit that Gonzales' departure seems to be less of a "resignation" and more a case of "falling on his sword for his liege at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," but it's still a good thing.

None of these three, or any of the other Republicans caught up in the corruption/abuse of power scandals that *are* the Republican Party theses day, will ever see the inside of a prison cell as long as the Great Obstructor/Pardoner is in office, a few indictments would be nice.

Really nice.

All this begs the question:

Who's next? Who's the next high-profile Republican to announce his/her exit from public service?

While I would love to say Dick Cheney or George Bush (or better yet, both!), my guess is Lurita Doan, the head of the General Services Administration who used her administrative position to help Republican candidates in 2006, a violation of the Hatch Act.



AZW88 said...

In my wildest dreams, I'd say Condi, but that would be a serious blow to GeeDub and his plans, so I will lay my money on the VeeP, which is something that I predicted quite a while ago. (this would allow GeeDub to hand-pick an immediate front-runner for the Republicans.

Desert Beacon said...

I'd say Lurita Doan is a good bet, but there might be some remaining underlings in the Justice Department that may well be fleeing as well. It might also be about time for Karen Hughes to start missing her family again?

Any more news about the Renzi "retirement?"

cpmaz said...

azw88 - I'd be rather surprised if Rice left early; she doesn't have anywhere near the baggage/possibility of indictment that many of the other Bushies have.

As for Cheney, well, there *was* that rumor a couple of years ago that our own Jon Kyl would be appointed if Cheney ever leaves office, but don't hold your breath.

DB - Haven't heard much since the resignation announcement, though I expect the race in AZCD1 to heat up in a hurry. As for Renzi himself, nothing about his future plans yet.

Probably waiting to see what the indictment has to say. :))