Saturday, August 11, 2007

Housekeeping note...

On a post made earlier this week, an anonymous reader left a comment that I felt stepped over the line of propriety for the kind of discussion that I'd like for this blog; in addition, it had a quote in it that read like a Republican press release.

I asked the writer to provide the source for the quote, and advised that if he/she did not do so, I would take the comment down until one was provided.

Another reader was able to track down the source for me (something for which I am grateful!). While I still think that the content of the comment is questionable, the source doesn't appear to be Republican-related (though I reserve the right to investigate further).

As such, the comment will be left up; the only change is that I've turned off anonymous commenting.

Google user IDs are anonymous enough.

People should be willing to stand behind what they say here (cyber-ly speaking). While 'cpmaz' isn't my real name (sit down and take a deep breath - the shock will pass :) ), most of the local folks that I write about, including Harry Mitchell and his staff, know who I am. If I write something that they wish to discuss, they know how to contact me; if there is something I want to discuss with them, they're a phone call or email away.

Earlier this week (but after the post in question,) I spoke with Seth Scott, Congressman Mitchell's Communications Director. He explained Harry's reasons for his vote, and while I still strenuously disagree with that vote, I respect that he didn't try to evade the issue.

Bottom line - If they can stand behind such a widely-criticized vote, and I can publicly stand behind what I wrote about it, it's not unreasonable to expect something similar from commenters here.

If this change discourages any future commenters, that's unfortunate but necessary, I believe.

I also believe that this blog will be the better for it.

Thank you for your patience, and have a great weekend...


JRREAD said...

The release was a broadly sent out press release by ConsideredAction.Org.
Regretably the username was not clear.
The "Quote" was in fact from me, a staunch Democratic supporter.
The "source" refered to is a former high ranking Mitchell campaign official, and a similar quote was given to us by a high ranking AZ Democratic Party official.

We are actively campaigning to have our elected Democrats remember and respect the base that elected them - and our most important concerns - rather than voting on key issues with the Republican majority on issues such as the Iraq war, and the eviseration of our constitutional rights via the FISA act.

We are taking these issues public and are currently running radio, television and newsprint ads.

If the release reads like a Republican piece, it was perhaps because Harry has voted like a Republican on Iraq funding and warrentless wiretaps (against the large Democratic majority)and with the Republicans.

Ironically, the Republicans probably love his record and view him as an friend. He certainly has shown no willingness to press President Bush on the key issues of our times.

Apologies for the misunderstanding, but as you can see we are right out there, up front, and wide open about our actions and material.

We are strong, loyal Democrats who are gravely disappointed by the actions of officials we fought so hard to have elected - only to see them abandon and ignore the mandate they were so glearly given in their election.

Jonathan R Read

cpmaz said...

OK. I understand, both your explanation and the reasons for what you said in the first place.

The comment will stay up, but I'm going to give the whole 'no anonymous comments' thing a try for a while to see how it works out.