Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clinton goes for economic populist cred; Bush helps her out...

In her new Iowa TV spot, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton tries to carve out a little economic populist cred by talking about how if someone is poor or working class or even military, they are "invisible to this president."

Naturally, the White House objected to this characterization.

From AP via Yahoo! News-
White House criticizes Clinton ad

CRAWFORD, Texas - The White House on Tuesday assailed Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton for criticizing President Bush in her latest television ad, calling her statements "outrageous." The 60-second spot, which began running Tuesday in Iowa, intercuts scenes of the candidate interacting with voters and talking about challenges facing many working people.

In addition to describing the content of the spot as "outrageous", the White House also used words like "absurd" and "unconscionable."

The official transcript of the White House's press briefing is here.

The White House's indignation at Clinton's disparaging comments toward the President's concern for working and military families would have more credibility if he wasn't on vacation in Crawford, Texas yet again.

With almost 80 months in office, he has already taken 14 months off (422 days), a pace of approximately 17.5%. As for a worker who receives 2 weeks vacation per year? Less than 4%. (80 hours out of a 2080 hour work year)

Maybe we should demand a partial refund on the money that he's been paid to do his job.

On the other hand, imagine how bad things would be if he showed up for work all of the time that he is supposed to. :))


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