Monday, July 30, 2007

Short Attention Span Musing

Tonight's theme: fragrances...

...You know that pungently cloying scent filling the air between the Republican caucus rooms in the U.S. Capitol and the White House?

It's a sign that the plastic wrap has come off that overripe (by nearly seven years - PEW!) contrivance, "compassionate conservatism."

From Medical News Today -
President Bush Threatens Veto Of SCHIP Legislation, Saying It Would Lead To People Dropping Private Health Coverage

President Bush on Wednesday said he will veto Senate legislation that would increase funding for SCHIP by $35 billion over five years because expanding the program would lead to more people dropping private health coverage, the Baltimore Sun reports (West, Baltimore Sun, 7/19).
Apparently, conservatives feel "compassion" for only for Big Business, not sick kids.

Damn, they teed this one up for every progressive blogger in the country.

...You know that briny mixture of the odors of sea salt and rotting meat overwhelming your olfactory sense when Alberto Gonzales walks by?

That's chum in the water.

From the Seattle Times -
WASHINGTON — Rep. Jay Inslee will introduce a resolution today directing the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached.


A simple majority vote of the full House would be required to impeach Gonzales. A conviction, which would remove him from office, would take a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

Lawmakers from both parties have questioned Gonzales' truthfulness.

FBI Director Robert Mueller suggested last week that Gonzales misled the Senate in his testimony about government approval of wiretapping in investigations of suspected terrorists.

Of course, even if Gonzales is impeached (and that would be great!), it's just a distraction from the real task at hand - undoing some of the damage that 6+ years of the Bush/Cheney administration has wrought upon America.

...You know the rather "diapery" fumes that have enveloped a certain senior Senator from Alaska?

That's the distinct odor of chickens coming home to roost as Sen. Ted Stevens (of the internet is a 'series of tubes' fame) joined Rick Renzi in the "Oh s**t! The FBI is here with a warrant" club.

From the Boston Globe -
Federal agents raid Alaska home of Senator Stevens

Under scrutiny for ties to energy firm

Agents from the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service raided the Alaska home of Republican Senator Ted Stevens yesterday as part of a broad federal investigation of political corruption in the state that has also swept up his son and one of his closest financial backers, officials said.

Wonder if he keeps a change of pants in his office in the Capitol?

...And you know that stench of burning rubber in the air?

That's the smell of Republican presidential campaign buses spinning out as they haul ass away from their scheduled YouTube debate, out of fear of facing real questions from real people.

From The Washington Post -
Will the GOP YouTube Debate Be Postponed?

The GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate is still scheduled for Sept. 17, but may be moved to a later date.


The possible postponement follows an announcement from Mitt Romney this past week that he planned to skip the debate. The former Massachusetts governor told C-SPAN on Friday that he would not attend the debate because the Democratic version did not show proper respect to the presidential selection process.

Guess the days of the 'populist' Republican, of the 'man (or woman) of the people' are over...

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