Saturday, July 07, 2007

Short attention span musing

...Besides being from Tempe, what do Congressman Harry Mitchell and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World have in common?

Good taste in books and bars - they both listed Four Peaks Brewing Company and Changing Hands Bookstore as two of the local businesses that they support. See the complete list at Local First Arizona. (Credit an AZ Rep article for the heads-up on the website.)

My personal favorite listing: former Governor Rose Mofford's mention of ASU's Karsten Golf Course. I just knew that there was a reason that she's my favorite ex-governor. :))

...Turns out that erstwhile Republican presidential candidate exhibited better professional ethics as an actor portraying a lawyer than he did as an actual lawyer.

From TimesOnline (UK) -
Fred was 'Nixon mole'

FRED THOMPSON, the potential frontrunner for the 2008 Republican nomination, had a less than heroic role as a mole for the Nixon White House during the Watergate hearings in the 1970s, according to a contemporary.


But the impulse to protect Nixon may not harm him with the conservative base of the Republican party.

Hell, the impulse to protect one criminal president will garner him the whole-hearted support of the Republican base as they try to protect another - they want to elect someone who will pardon Bush, or at least derail any legal investigations into his Presidency.

...The writers and editors at the the AZ Republic are so bad sometimes that when they try to spin, they end up telling the truth.

Check out this headline from an article in Saturday's paper -
Surge is producing results, senator says

...In contrast with the stalled political progress, Graham said, the surge - the dispatch of 30,000 more U.S. troops that Bush began in January - is yielding clear results...

Hundreds of dead Americans and thousands of dead Iraqis definitely qualify as 'results', don't they?? "Clear" results, at that...

...In a development that probably will be used to distract people from unimportant issues like the mounting death toll in Iraq, the gleeful complicity of the Roberts Supreme Court in undermining Constitutional protections, and the raging corruption of government at all levels in our country, a U.S. District judge has allowed Washington D.C. madam Deborah Palfrey to release the names and numbers of her clientele.

More coverage here.

...A federal appeals court has ruled that the ACLU cannot challenge the President's secret wiretapping program because they can't prove that they were targets of the program.

They didn't rule that the program was legal; they only said that because its activities are secret, no one can challenge it.

That's like saying that someone can't sue for wrongful death if they are alive.

These guys are definitely ready for a callup to the big leagues if there is another vacancy on the Supreme Court during Bush's last 1 1/2 years in office.



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