Monday, July 16, 2007

The Republican Party's self-immolation is continuing....

with the latest evidence right here in Arizona.

From the East Valley Tribune -
Pearce weighing run for Congress against Flake

Mesa lawmaker Russell Pearce has said he’s considering a run against Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake in next year’s Republican primary election.

Pearce, who has built a national reputation fighting for tougher measures against illegal immigrants, accused the four-term congressman of being soft on illegal immigration.

Let me summarize the article for you: Russell Pearce thinks that Jeff Flake isn't Republican enough.

Whoooo Hooooo!

Congressman Jeff Flake is as conservative as they come (c'mon, he's wrong about damn near *everything*!), but even I have to give him a little bit of respect - he's got solid constituent services, he takes his duties seriously, and he's sane.

In short, he's a fine public servant; I may disagree with him on the policies he proposes/supports, but find his conduct in office to be a credit to his position, his state, and his district.

Having said all that, if State Rep. Pearce decides to run against Congressman Flake, I have to wish him the best of luck; after all, his candidacy could lead to CD6 electing the kind of representative that they truly need and deserve.

A Democrat.


Greg at Espresso Pundit has RW blog coverage of the issue here; Seeing Red AZ has coverage here.


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