Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kyl uses armed guard to bar media from his public office

It's getting a little far down the list of posts at the AZ Rep's Plugged In, so I almost missed this one, but I'm glad I read down the list...

From Plugged In -
The scene was Kyl's central Phoenix office. That's where a dozen of so media members gathered for the promised handoff of a letter - signed by 26 GOP legislators and 302 elected officials, party dignitaries and regular citizens - from Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, to Kyl's staff (Kyl was not on site).

The letter was in opposition to Kyl's immigration bill, an issue that has generated emotional debate on all sides.


Just one problem: An armed security guard posted at Kyl's door barred reporters from entereing the office. So The Insider and others were left to mouth-read through a set of glass doors.

Most of the comments on the Rep's website ignore the 'armed guard denying media access to a public office' aspect of the piece to focus on criticizing Kyl for not being tough enough on immigrants.

Nary a word, either from the commenters or from Kyl's office, about the Senator's continuing disregard and contempt for one of the founding principles of our country - open and accessible government.

I said it last September, and I say it now - Jon Kyl is the most dangerous man in the Senate because of his work toward an imperial, secretive, government.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's hard to know where to start but a good and very important place to start is signing the recall and a huge help would be getting as many people to circulate our petitions as possible are allowed by law to do so. It would be great if you could spread the word and really great if we could work together on the blogosphere and with people face to face to get the word out. If you could give me a call after 3:00 pm that would be great and also keep emailing with me that would be great to. Well, I'll let you go now but I want to thank you for writing and I look forward to all of us multiplying exponentially in numbers, whether left or right or independent.
Leonard Clark
Chair of the John McCain and the Jon Kyl Recall Committees

Will Crum
Treasurer of the John McCain and the Jon Kyl Recall Committees

Xroadcop said...

Can petitions be sent out? To Recall Kyl & McCain?

Answer to chpdave at