Saturday, June 30, 2007

Damn! I missed it!

Now I *really* regret not making it to MCDP's Thursday evening screening of "Sicko."

Turns out that not only did I miss a chance to benefit a good cause (MCDP), I missed a movie that already has the corporate healthcare industry running scared.

At a meeting on Thursday at the company my sister works for (on the margins of the healthcare industry), the attendees were told in no uncertain terms that when they attended holiday events next week and the conversation turned to the movie, they were to give the opinion that the movie, while entertaining, had information that was "not valid".

BTW - telling my sister what to say and think usually has an effect that is opposite of what was intended. Trust me on this one - I'm speaking from experience... :)

Because I missed the pre-screening, I was going to wait for it to be released on DVD, but now, I plan to see it next week if I have the time, and recommend everyone else consider doing the same.

If only to annoy Big Pharma and Big Insurance. :)

Note: It's playing all over the valley; consult your local listings for theaters and times near you.

Have a great weekend!

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