Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Short attention span musing

...this is definitely an idea that some in this country would like...a LOT.

From Reuters -
BANGKOK (Reuters) - The judges were isolated and 1,000 police manned barricades around the court on Wednesday as Thais awaited rulings on whether major parties would be disbanded and their leaders banned from politics.


The leading Thai-language newspaper Thai Rath said a majority of the judges had ruled after fierce debate for the verdict most Thais seemed to want -- ban individuals for breaching election laws last year but leave the parties intact.

Break election laws and get banned from politics? What a concept!! Maybe we should ask David Burnell Smith for a quote...

...I'm not a supporter of capital punishment, buuuuuut....

From the Washington Post -
Ex-Head of China FDA Sentenced To Death

BEIJING, May 29 -- The disgraced head of China's drug administration was sentenced to death Tuesday for accepting what a court described as "huge bribes" to approve faulty medicines, including a batch of antibiotics that killed six patients and sickened 80.

Take bribes and die?

I'd settle for a punishment of life in prison without the possibility of parole, but given the rampant corruption of government at all levels in this country, I can understand the urge to create a couple of more permanent examples.

...My condolences go out to the friends and family of Marquise Hill, a player for the New England Patriots. He drowned in Lake Ponchartrain after an accident while jet skiing. Before he died, he was able help a friend to safety.

No snarky sarcasm here; far too often, when we hear about a pro athlete or celebrity off-field or off-screen, it's about some kind of misbehavior (see: Hilton, Paris or Bengals, Cincinatti.)

It's only fair to note it when one does right.


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