Monday, May 28, 2007

Scottsdale's Guardians of Propriety Still On The Job

In just the last year or so, they've gone after -

Strip clubs

The Pink Taco Restaurant

The Lingerie Bowl

Now they're complaining about The Fetish Prom that was held on Saturday.

Quotes from an AZ Rep article:
"I don't think that's a good or appropriate image for Scottsdale," said Councilman Tony Nelssen.


Nelssen and a few others said that tourism advertising aimed at gays and lesbians by the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau may have something to do with the city's sexy image.

"When you have a Web site catering to alternative lifestyles, why not fetishes?" Nelssen asked.


Councilwoman Betty Drake said she would not want Scottsdale to promote or encourage fetish gatherings, but she acknowledged that she had a few fetishes of her own.

"I collect fetishes," Drake said, referring to Zuni Indian carvings. "I'm especially fond of frogs and bunnies and horses.

After all of the handwringing and pontificating, the attempts to shut down the strip clubs was defeated by a referendum vote, The Pink Taco may offer overpriced and mediocre fare, but it's very successful, the planning for the Lingerie Bowl is proceeding apace, and the Fetish Prom went off without a hitch.

So what is it with the 'opinion makers' of Scottsdale? Why is it so important for them to be louder than they are effective?

They want Scottsdale to be "The West's Most Western City" but without road apples;

They pledge to "preserve our neighborhoods" while approving every approving every developer's overpriced and mediocre (what can I say? 'Overpriced and mediocre' is trendy in Scottsdale. :) ) monstrosity of a money-maker, forcing out long-time residents;

They want Scottsdale to be San Francisco Chic (and SF pricey!) but with Mayberry Morality (and SF pricey!).

Paeans to conspicuous consumption and wretched excess get a free pass (see: Barrett-Jackson car auction, $150K+ 16th birthday parties, the Bird's Nest at the Phoenix Open, etc.); anything even hinting of [shudder] sex, and their fingers start pointing and wagging.

Simply put, they are far more concerned with the *image* of Scottsdale than with the *substance* of Scottsdale.

As for objecting to legal activities involving freely consenting adults, they should just shut up.

Not to stifle the expression of their opinions, but to avoid giving the 'objectionable' activities free advertising.

Plus, every time they spout off, they embarrass the city far more than the activities that they find objectionable ever could.


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