Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blocked in China! Whooo hooo!

Edit to correct source of the tip. Sorry CC, and thanks for the comment!

Movin' up to the big time... :)

Thanks to CC McGoon at Jobsanger for the tip about this website,

Unlike him, I've never written about China, so I'm not sure why this blog has been blocked.

But it still makes me proud. :)))

Of course, that attitude may be the reason for the ban in the first place.



CC McGoon said...

That was me. ;)

I'm with you, though. It is almost worth celebrating.

jobsanger said...

After thinking on this a while, I believe we're both blocked because we don't hesitate to criticize our government when they screw up.

They don't want their citizens to get the idea they should be able to do that!

CC McGoon said...